About us

Our story

Ammo Nerds was founded in the middle of the pandemic by an avid clay target shooter and his quest to find ammo for his son’s clay target team.  Since 2021, providing the best in clay target loads is our passion and we strive to stock a wide variety in every gauge for the novice and competitive shooter alike. 

Our Mission

Not only do we enjoy shooting clay birds, but we love to punch paper or hear steel ring and that “thud” when a large caliber high velocity projectile meets animal flesh, is music to our ears.  We are based in North Georgia and you will find us at different clubs shooting just about every weekend.  We sponsor several young shooters and do what we can to build and grow interest in the firearms industry.  

What we do

We can provide you with everything from .22LR to .50BMG as well as all types of shotshells.  We don’t use a retail storefront, but pickup can be arranged if you are in the area.  We appreciate you considering Ammo Nerds and we pride ourselves in answering your questions.  We look forward to working with you.  Break’em!

Photography Acknowledgements

Ammo Nerds would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their generous donation of photography copyrights:  Anderson Schmig, Austin Ramsey, Cole Miller, J. Irby, Joakin Orrhult, JP Valery, Kelli McClintock, Michael Satterfield, Paul Einerhand, Rogerio S, Thomas Tucker, WIlliam Isted, Cibi Chakravarthi, Mohamadrez Azhdari.