Nerd Squad

Shotgun Team

Nikki Hood

Nikki began shooting ATA in 2019 on the North Schuylkill Trap Team. She began her shooting saga in 2021 traveling to her first out of state shoot in New Jersey. Shortly after, she joined the Williams Valley Trap Team and would later help the team win two national championship titles in the Open Division for Trap Singles at SCTP Nationals in 2021 and 2022. It wasn’t until 2023 when she began to build a name in the ATA world. Through numerous hours spent practicing at the gun club, at home, and with a sport psychologist, her shooting surpassed even her own expectations. Making the Lady 1 All-American First Team was a dream that soon became reality along with many other goals Nikki set at the beginning of the 2023 season. Throughout the season she collected 50+ trophies, 1,744 qualifying All-American points, a 100 straight in singles, and she placed 3rd on Pennsylvania’s State Team for the Lady category. Shortly after the 2023 season ended, Nikki broke a 100 straight in the Class Doubles at the Dixie Grand to start off the new shooting season in North Carolina. Nikki attends shoots primarily on the east coast and attends the Grand American in Illinois. Her endorsements include those from Grip Plus Stocks, Kick-Eez, Rhino Chokes, Trapshooters United Podcast, and now Ammo Nerds. This spring she will graduate High-school and continue her education and shooting career at Jacksonville University. Nikki plans on majoring in computer science with a minor in management. She is a honors student with a remarkable transcript and has challenged herself with a heavy course load consisting of honors,AP, and Dual Enrollment classes throughout her high school career. In her spare time, Nikki enjoys kayaking, hunting, fishing, reading, knitting, learning, crafting, volunteering, and giving back to her local gun clubs. Ammo Nerds welcomes Nikki and is thrilled to have such an exceptional talent on our team.

Ryan Doyle

Ryan first picked up a shotgun when he was seven. He participated in all the sports but soon discovered his real passion was competitive shooting. In 2022 he joined the Etowah Valley Mambas SCTP team where he found success at the junior varsity level. Ryan continues to punch up in NSCA and you will see him at most of the major shoots. He also hopes to start shooting bunker trap soon. On his own initiative, Ryan was the instrumental force in starting his high school’s varsity shotgun team. Providence Christian Academy is one of the few teams in the metro-Atlanta area that offers Clay Target as a varsity sport. His team has really taken off and now has close to 30 student-athletes competing. He is a brand ambassador for FrogLube® gun cleaning products. Outside of shooting he also plays golf and maintains an A average. He is an honor student, VP of student council, and holds other positions of leadership in school as well. Ryan is an avid hunter and angler. He loves Jesus and is faithful to His teachings. After high school Ryan looks to shoot at the college level and pursue his interests in aeronautics, business, and theology. AMMO NERDS is honored to have such an outstanding young man representing us on the clay fields and in the classroom.

Jakob Duke

Jakob started in clay target shooting when he was 14 years old on the Lakeview Academy Clay Target Team. He came to the sport with a lot of natural talent but little experience. In the Winter of 2021 Jakob tried out for The Etowah Valley Mambas SCTP team. Shooting tournaments at the JV level, he won numerous awards and placed either individually or as a squad. When he turned 16 his shooting really took off after learning under top shooters like Kevin DeMichiel and Ross Wilson. Starting in the D classification of NSCA he quickly moved up to B class by racking up hardware and punches in the 2022 Seminole Cup, Ga State Championship, Trident Cup, AFS Championships and NWTF Turkey Shoot. In addition, he was a GA State 4-H Champion and placed 3rd nationally with his squad from Union County. In 2022 he also continued his success in SCTP and GISA. He was named to the 2022 SCTP All Scholastic Team. In his spare time Jakob enjoys the outdoors. He loves fishing, hunting, hiking, travelling and college football (Go Tigers!) He recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He is on his school’s golf team. He attends Christ Place Baptist Church and spends his free time volunteering. He is a honor student with a 3.5 GPA and has a natural love of history. After high school Jakob wants to continue his shooting career in college. AMMO NERDS is proud to have Jakob on our Shotgun Squad and we look forward to watching him keep climbing in the sport.

Will Anderson

Will is a fantastic young man and shooter who is in his first year at Georgia College and State University. He is one of the anchors of that team and shoots for the Lake Oconee Shotgun Team in SCTP as well. He has been shooting competitively for about 5 years now and has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments. In 2019 Will competed on the SCTP National Championship team as a member of Lake Oconee. His squad also finished 4th at Nationals in 2022. He is a 4-time SCTP All-scholastic team member and a GA GISA All-State team member. His favorite discipline is FITASC and that is evidenced by his podium finish in the 2022 Seminole Cup. He currently holds endorsements from Team Muller Chokes as well as Team DuPont/Krieghoff. Will is a Biology Major, Chemistry Minor and on the pre-Med track. His goal is to become a Neurosurgeon. He serves on the Georgia College Council of Student Ambassadors. He is a Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and is learning other forms of Martial Arts. He is also a competitive swimmer. Ever since he began shooting, he has loved the competition and friendships that he has made along the way. We are very excited for the opportunity for him to represent AMMO NERDS!