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How quickly will you ship my order?

Depending on our current order volume your order should ship the same day or the following day.  Factors such as what time you place the order and the amount of your order all play a role.  Occasionally, we may take more than a couple days.  We will notify you if this is the case.

What shipping services do you use?
Fedex or UPS. Never USPS.
I need to return my ammo. What is the process?

We strive to have 100% A+ reviews from our customers.  Unfortunately, we don’t take returns on ammo unless we messed up somehow.  Even then we try to avoid returns due to the cost of shipping    Chances are, your friends would be happy to take what you have off your hands.  That said we will do everything we can to make you happy.

I got a new semiauto shotgun. What shells do I need to shoot clays?
Semis require a break-in period. It is not uncommon to still have issues after 1000+ rounds. Our advice after matching the appropriate gauge is to select the heaviest/hottest load available to facilitate the break in. With a 12 gauge this might mean a 1-1/8oz load at 1250fps or higher. For a 20 gauge a 1oz load at the same fps would do the trick. If shooting clay targets never use a shot larger that #7.5. #7.5, 8, and 9s will all do the trick.