12G Clever CCM RX4 Champions Grade #7.5 1oz 1245fps (25 Rounds) CMRX412175

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12 Gauge Clever CMRX412175 RX4 Champions Grade is great for clay target shooting.  Next time you are at a big shoot look at how many top shooters are breaking targets with Clever RX4s.  The shotshell with which many international champions have won everything humanly possible: from Olympic medals to the World and European Championships, the Mediterranean Games, and Latin Country Championships, without counting titles at all latitudes. The true specialist for the Olympic Trench and the international Skeet and Double Trap, fast and constant, it is produced for Sporting with Antimonium 6% – extra hard shot. 12 Gauge Clever CMRX412175 RX4 Premium Grade is great for clay target shooting. Compare to T4 BOL D’OR and T4 Pro.

Technical Information:
Gauge/Bore: 12
Shell Length: 2 3/4″
Dram Equivalent: 2 3/4
Shot Size: #7.5
Shot Type: ANTIMONIUM: 6%
Ballistics Information: Muzzle Velocity:1245 ft/sec


Same Clever Load in #7.5

Clever can boast of having won everything possible: 8 OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS in Trap men discipline, with eight different shooters, four of which from the last five events (Alipov – Russia, Kostelecky – Czech Republic, Glasnovic – Croatia and Liptak – Czech Republic), many Olympic silver and bronze medals, including at the last Tokyo 2020 Olympics, 72 World Championships, 45 European Championships, 6 Pan-American Championships, 8 Commonwealth Championships and countless national and international championships, in all shooting disciplines.



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