16 Gauge AGUILA FIELD #6 2.75″ 1OZ 1200FPS (25 Rounds) 1CHB1616

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16 Gauge AGUILA FIELD #6 2.75 1OZ 1200FPS (25 Rounds) 1CHB1616  At Aguila performance is our goal.. Engineered for hunting and target shooting, these premium, high velocity shot loads use clean combustible powders for maximum output and minimum residue.

Choosing #6 loads and chokes can get rather complex. When it comes to shot sizes, most pheasant hunters would probably tell you that any shell from size 4 to size 7.5 will knock down a pheasant. A lot of people don’t understand the makeup of a shotgun shell, or what the numbers represent. It breaks down like this…the higher the number, the smaller the diameter of the pellets. What does this mean? It means that a shell can hold a lot of No. 9 shot and not a lot of No. 1 shot. However, No. 9 shot loses velocity quickly, so each individual pellet isn’t nearly as strong as that of No. 1 shot. The pellets are stronger with No. 1 shot and retain more punch at longer distances, but there aren’t a lot of pellets going toward the bird. 16 Gauge AGUILA FIELD #6 ammo in #6 is the perfect choice with an IC or Modified choke.

Brand: Aguila
Category Shotshell Lead Loads
Model: Standard Velocity Field
Gauge 16 Gauge
Shot Size 6
Rounds Per Box 25
Length 2.75″
Application Pheasant
Boxes Per Case 10
Muzzle Velocity 1200 fps
Ounces 1 oz

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