20G Fiocchi Golden Pheasant 1oz #6 Shot 1245fps (25 Rounds) 20GP6

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20GP6 Fiocchi Golden Pheasant is a great load for bringing down birds.  Its a fast-paced upland hunting requiring hard-hitting pellets delivered on target and with an authoritative punch. Fiocchi’s Golden Pheasant does exactly that, courtesy of precision nickel-plated lead shot and innovative wads that provide the kind of consistent, optimized patterns and velocities needed to bring down challenging birds.  Fiocchi was founded in 1876 in Lecco, Italy, and has been producing high-quality ammunition ever since. The tradition continues at Fiocchi’s Ozark, Missouri and Little Rock, Arkansas facilities – right in the heart of America. Hundreds of hardworking Americans producing some of the highest quality shotshell, centerfire, and rimfire ammunition available. American ingenuity fused with our Italian lineage keeps us focused on quality craftsmanship, innovation, and unequaled customer service.Taking cues from developing the world’s best shotshells for Olympic and World-Class competition and blending innovative technology with a legacy steeped in waterfowl and upland wingshooting, Fiocchi’s Golden Series and specifically 20 Gauge Golden Pheasant represents the industry’s top bird hunting loads. The highest quality hulls and Fiocchi’s advanced primers ensure dependable operation in the harshest conditions. Simultaneously, specially engineered shot combined with clean-burning powders and tuned wads to deliver the downrange performance experienced hunters demand in their waterfowl and upland ammunition. Choose 20GP6 FIocchi Golden Pheasant for a great day in the field


Box Quantity: 25
Gauge: 20
Shell Length: 2.75″
Shot Size: 6
Projectile Weight: 1 oz.
Velocity: 1245fps
UPC: 762344703305
Manufacturer Part: 20GP6

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